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tow truck Culpeper VirginiaWhether you’re looking for towing services or roadside assistance services, the fleet at Canterbury Towing Service is here for you. Our towing services have quickly become the talk of the town. We’d love to be from Canterbury, VA, and whether you are looking for towing or need some help on the side of their road, our team is ready for you. We have one of the best towing services in the city. Our partnership with Culpeper Tow Truck ensures access to our clients’ best equipment training. If you were looking to work with one of the best towing companies in the region, that is about time that you called Canterbury Towing Service.

Towing Services

towing service Culpeper VAHeavy duty towing services

Whether you are looking to move a charter bus or a big rig, our fleet of heavy duty tow trucks has long been the first choice for heavy duty towing services in our region. We put our clients first to ensure that you would enjoy a fast and cheap towing service for your big rig. We love working with independent operators and fleet vehicles alike, and no matter where you need to be moved, our tow trucks can do it. So, give us a call and experience a better heavy duty towing service in and around Canterbury, VA.

Medium duty towing servicestowing company Culpeper VA

Stop settling for second rate medium duty towing services. Our team has built our medium duty towing services from the ground up. That means you get a better and custom-built towing service that won’t share that you can get back to your job site in no time. Our fleet ensures that we are responsive and cost-effective for all your towing needs. Whether you are looking to move a work truck or a cube van, our fleet of tow trucks has you covered.

Light duty towing services

Culpeper Tow TruckFor years, our fleet of tow trucks has been servicing the great city of Canterbury, VA, for all of their light duty towing needs. We love working light duty towing services because we get to work with the people of Canterbury. Our drivers love rotating through this service in their fleet of light duty tow trucks is ready and waiting. Experience a better towing service in one that will deliver excellence through and through and only at Canterbury Towing Service.

Long-distance Towing

If you want to move a vehicle a long distance, then it’s about time you chatted with Canterbury Towing Service. Our long-distance towing service has long been a popular option for our clients. We offer competitive rates and excellent service and will ensure that your vehicle gets to its location without so much as a scratch. Our flatbed tow trucks make a delivery breeze, which means we can deliver into residential, commercial or even industrial areas. So, if you are looking for long-distance towing, now is the time to call Canterbury Towing Service.

Roadside assistance services

Tire change serviceCulpeper Tow Truck in Culpeper VA

Whether you’re dealing with a slow puncture or a wholly blown tire, the drivers at Canterbury Towing Service can help. We are your go-to local expert for your tire change service needs. We can come to you and either swap a tire or patch a tire no matter what you need. No, we will not break any pet records at the local racetrack. However, we will complete the service with your safety in mind. So, if you need a tire change, call the experts at Canterbury Towing Service to experience better tire change service in Canterbury, VA.

Jump start service

roadside assistance Culpeper VAIf you are dealing with a dead battery, then it is about time that you called Canterbury Towing Service. Our jump start service is one of the best in the city and will ensure that you can get up and running in no period. All of our trucks come with a powerful battery booster that is more than ten times more powerful than your typical booster cable set. So, stop settling for slower methods and call Canterbury Towing Service experts for all of your jump start service needs.

For generations, our team has been working in and around Canterbury, VA. We are your go-to local options for all things towing and can even help in more ways than you think. We offer all of our towing services on a 24/7 basis. We also like to make payments easy for our clients and accept both cash and all major credit cards for our towing and roadside assistance services, so if you’re looking to work with the best, call the experts at Canterbury Towing Service and experience better towing service in and around Canterbury, VA.

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