towing company Culpeper VAOver a decade ago, the founders of Culpeper Tow Truck faced a question. Did they want to take a bit of a risk and start their own company or continue working for a bigger towing service in the city? It was a hard decision, but Culpeper Tow Truck was born one fateful day. With a couple of trucks, a commitment to customer-first towing services and some hard work, we went to work. It was not an easy start, and we had many that doubted that Culpeper could support a full-time towing operation. However, we had a dream, and we knew that if we kept our nose to the grindstone, it could happen.

We did not start big. We had a couple of trucks, some great drivers, and a dream to provide the city of Culpeper, VA, with a towing service that they could call their own. There was no real towing option in the town, and we knew that if we invested our time and energy, we could make something that this city could be proud to call Culpeper Tow Truck. The first services we offered were light duty towing and some roadside assistance. Towing is a word of mouth game, and our commitment to our customers ensured that people started talking about Culpeper Tow Truck.

tow truck CulpeperWell, more than a decade later, our little towing company is one of the top options in the region for towing services. We expanded our fleet, developed our company, and brought on some of the top tow truck drivers in the area. People in Culpeper no longer need to depend on the big city towing companies to provide their towing services. Instead, we have an excellent local towing service ready to go above and beyond for our great community. From heavy duty towing to light duty towing and everything in between, the team at Culpeper Tow Truck has you covered from bumper to bumper.

We decided that it was time to invest in this community, and we went out of our way to expand our office and roster of tow truck drivers from the district. We could have gone to the big city, but we thought hiring our neighbors to build this local company was a better option. That is why we are so proud to call the staff at Culpeper Tow Truck a family. We know each other, live near each other, and are pleased to call the great city of Culpeper, VA home.

Today, Culpeper Tow Truck is one of the top towing companies in the state and can provide a wide range of towing and roadside assistance services. Whether you are looking to tow a truck, car or semi, our fleet of tow trucks will be able to help. As well, with our wide variety of roadside assistance services and other services, we can provide practically any towing service you can think of under the sun.

Call us today, and see why so many in and around Culpeper, VA trust the towing services of Culpeper Tow Truck!

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