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tow truck CulpeperAs one of the leaders in towing and recovery services in the community of Culpeper, VA, the team at Culpeper Tow Truck is here for all of your towing needs. We have worked long and hard in this great city to establish our services, and whether you are looking for an emergency tow, roadside assistance or something else, our team is ready and waiting. For more than a decade, our tow trucks have patrolled Culpeper, and today, we are one of the top towing options in the community. So, what exactly makes us different?

The Culpeper Difference

Unlike the big city towing companies that cover Culpeper, our team is from Culpeper. We live, breathe and are part of the everyday conversation around this great little town. Culpeper Tow Truck is part of this community, whether grabbing a coffee or supporting our little league team.

tow truck Culpeper VirginiaOur Fleet

Culpeper Towing started years ago with two light duty tow trucks. We wanted to create and own our own local towing company that serviced Culpeper and the surrounding area. We saw a need and jumped on an opportunity of a lifetime. Today, we are one of the largest towing companies in the region, with a fleet that rivals many in DC and beyond. We currently run light duty tow trucks, medium duty tow trucks and heavy duty tow trucks throughout our catchment area. We have you covered from bumper to bumper with quick response times and some of the best rates in the area.

Our peopletow truck in Culpeper

For the team at Culpeper Tow Truck, our company is more than just the fleet that we have in our yard. Our company has been such a success because of our team. We may have started with only a few drivers, but our team expanded organically. Our entire team is hand-picked to deliver a top-notch towing experience from our dispatchers, who are trained to handle stressful emergencies, to our front line drivers. The team at Culpeper Tow Truck is ready and waiting to be your tow truck in shining armour.

Our Towing Services


Heavy Duty Towing

towing service Culpeper VAAs one of the few heavy duty towing options in the region, the team at Culpeper Tow Truck has long been the go-to option for those who haul people and things for a living. Our tow trucks can get to you and get you back on the road faster than other options with great rates and solid response time. We work with fleet vehicles, independent operators and even school boards and can ensure that your big rig is back and out on the road in no time.

Medium Duty Towing

Whether you are working on a site or in the office, the team at Culpeper Tow Truck can help with all of your medium duty towing needs. As one of the only towing companies able to handle these larger trucks and vans, our tow trucks are here for you. Plus, Culpeper Tow Truck offers one of the best response times in the industry, which means you can get back to making money faster.

Light Duty TowingCulpeper Tow Truck Culpeper Virginia

We started out working light duty towing, and let us tell you; we still love it. It is our bread and butter, and we love helping out our light duty towing customers. Whether you have a fully loaded F150 or a Toyota Yaris, our tow trucks are here to help!

Roadside Assistance Services


Culpeper Tow Truck in Culpeper VAFor the team at Culpeper Tow Truck, we offer a wide variety of roadside assistance services. However, here are just a few of the more popular services we provide.

Tire Change Service

Whether you have a slow leak or blown tire, our team of expert tow truck drivers can help you out. We have changed thousands of tires over the years and can get you back on the road safely and quickly. Let our experts take care of the tire, and you can be back and on your way in no time.

Jump Start Serviceroadside assistance Culpeper VA

A dead battery is never something fun to deal with. However, we can get you back up and running in mere minutes for the team at Culpeper Tow Truck. All of our tow trucks come with a powerful battery booster that will have your battery working quicker than any jump start.

Long Distance Towing

Whether you are looking to move a vehicle across the city or the state, we are the team for the job. Our expert drivers will ensure that your car gets from point a to point b without so much as a scratch. For well over a decade, we have been completing long distance towing services throughout the region.

roadside assistance CulpeperGas Delivery Service

When you start hearing your engine sputter, it is time that you called Culpeper Tow Truck. Since we opened up shop, we have been providing gas delivery services, and we can help. Our tow trucks can either fill up your tank or give you enough to get to the next gas station down the road. The best part is that we do not charge a high premium for this service, and instead, we want to get you back on the road without a couple of mile walk in the dark.

Accident Recoverytow truck Culpeper VA

Whether you are in a fender bender, or something worse, the team at Culpeper Tow Truck is here for you. We have been the go-to accident recovery option in the county for years and work with Culpeper’s finest all the time. So, if you are dealing with an accident, focus on your health, and let our tow trucks take care of the rest.

Whether you are looking for towing services or roadside assistance services, the team at Culpeper Tow Truck is here for you. We offer flexible payment options, including all major credit cards, unlike the other guys. In addition, we offer all of our towing services on a 24/7 basis and have an industry-leading response time for all things towing. Call us today, and enjoy a quality towing experience in and around Culpeper, VA.

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